Rooftop Balloons

Advertising Inflatables

Our giant cold-air inflatables are one of the most effective
means of attracting potential customers’ attention to your
event, location or product.

When you display a colorful giant inflatable, you create a
lasting impression in peoples’ minds, causing them to
remember you long after the promotion is over.

Our most popular hot air balloon shape allows for a large
8′ x 14′ banner with either a custom or generic message.

Rooftop balloons allow you to use your advertising dollars
to their maximum benefit by allowing you to concentrate
on your most potential source for new customers – the
people who drive by your location on a regular basis, as
opposed to radio, television, and print advertising that
charges you to reach thousands of “unqualified” potential


Profesional and trained staff will install and maintain the inflatable at your location. All your have to do is take care of your customers.


Our inventory of balloons are cleaned, restored, or replaced on a regular basis to ensure your a clean, attractive look for your event.


We closely monitor the weather and provide a 24 hours emergency phone number to help your event go as smooth as possible.


We carry all necessary general liability and injury insurance to provide you with peace of mind. Though, we’ve never had to use it.